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Biotulin® Christmas Special – Buy 3 get 4 FREE

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Buy 3 Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel & receive 4 Biotulin® Bio Cellulose Face Masks for FREE

If you are a Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel addict then this is the Biotulin® AU&NZ Christmas Special for you – stock up for the silly season, or share with family & friends!

  • Includes approx. 3 month supply of the essential Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gelthe natural, needle free alternative to Botulinum Toxin injections
  • Receive 4 complimentary Biotulin® Bio Cellulose Face Masks – each soaked in 8ml of the active ingredients of Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel
  • The ideal “quick fix” skin pick-me-up throughout the silly season – for intense hydration & smoother, firmer skin in just 30 minutes

3x Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel (15ml)

+ FREE: 4x Biotulin® Bio Cellulose Face Masks (8ml ea) valued $129.00

SAVE NZ$129.00

Max. one special per person – Only while stocks last.

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Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel

Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel

Made famous by Duchess Kate & Michelle Obama, the holy grail of the Biotulin range still remains to be the Biotulin® Supreme Skin GelIf there is one product that should be included in your skin routine - and can be combined with any other skin care products - it's the gel.

Not only does it contain the highest concentration of the clinically proven, naturally active, muscle-relaxing Biotulin ingredients, but due to its water-based formulation, will penetrate straight through the skin to the facial muscle - for the strongest smoothing & plumping effects.


  • Lentil- to pea-sized drop of gel
  • Applied directly to cleansed skin
  • Gently massage (not dabbed or patted!) into skin/targeted areas
  • Always follow up with a moisturiser and/or sunblock
  • Repeat morning & night

Biotulin® Bio Cellulose Face Masks

Whether between trips to the facialist, or just when you want to look your best, these masks are the ultimate hydration treat for your skin!

Combining innovative bio cellulose sheet mask fibres – 1000 times finer than human hair– with over half a bottle of the same active ingredients as in Biotulin® Supreme Skin Gel, Biotulin® Bio Cellulose Face Masks fit to the face like a second skin for simple & fuss-free application & optimal ingredient absorption.


  • Gently cleanse & dry your face
  • Remove one of the Biotulin® Bio Cellulose Face Masks from its sealed sachet
  • EXTRA TIP: Don't throw out the sachet of the mask without having scooped out any remaining serum & applying this to your neck!
  • Unfold and remove the protective film from one side
  • Place Biotulin® Bio Cellulose Face Mask on your face, gently pressing & moulding it to your skin
  • Remove the protective film from the other side of the mask & leave mask on to work for 30 minutes
  • Remove & discard the bio cellulose sheet
  • Massage the remaining serum into the skin
  • Biotulin Bio Cellulose Face Masks

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