Clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 25% – just one hour after application.


An independent dermatological study conducted on human volunteers proved that just ONE HOUR after application of Biotulin:
  • 75% of volunteers already experienced results of up to a 25% reduction of the depth of their wrinkles!
Furthermore, after regular recommended application (2x a day) for a month:
  • 90% of volunteers showed a reduction of up to 22% in the depth of their crow’s feet.


Effectiveness of Spilanthol in Biotulin

Spilanthol, the key ingredient of Biotulin was tested under laboratory conditions on a muscle-contraction model – no animal testing. After successful results under laboratory conditions, tests were repeated with voluntary human participants.

The Results:
  • The smallest amounts of Spilanthol were sufficient to fully relax the facial muscles beneath the skin to which it was applied
  • Subsequent tests on human volunteers confirmed the results previously attained by the muscle-contraction model: after just 60 minutes, a tightening effect was clearly visible.
  • Furthermore, at a Spilanthol concentration of 3%, a residual effect could be observed 24 hours after application
    (Spilanthol concentration in Biotulin Gel is 5%).
  • Finally, after just 30 days of continual use, depth and length of wrinkles were visibly reduced, skin was generally smoother and firmer

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