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FREE Samples with your order Queen Letizia of Spain uses ‘organic Botox’

Queen Letizia of Spain uses ‘organic Botox’, sister says

How does the Queen of Spain stay looking youthful? According to her sister, it’s down to three litres of water a day, yoga, and a product referred to as “organic Botox.”

Telma Ortiz Rocasolano, younger sister to Queen Letizia, credits her 43-year-old sister’s smooth skin to a healthy lifestyle, the Daily Mail reports.

She spoke to Spanish lifestyle magazine Vida Y Estilo, and said the Queen doesn’t eat sugary foods.

StuffNZFeb16Her other anti-aging weapon is a topical Botox alternative called Biotulin, which has an anesthetic effect on muscles, reducing wrinkles.

According to the company’s New Zealand website, it works best when applied morning and night on clean skin, and takes about an hour to work.

Rocasolano rejected the idea that her royal sister uses any appearance medicine, but to our mind, the only difference is that Biotulin doesn’t need to be injected.

“Her secret is that there is no secret – she completely rejects Botox treatments and uses natural and toxin-free cosmetics,” Rocasolano told Vida Y Estilo. 

“Like millions of women, she uses natural active ingredient Biotulin. This ingredient is obtained from a plant called paracress and eliminates wrinkles.”

Don’t get us wrong, Queen Letizia looks incredible. But why the emphasis on exactly how she relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles?

Seems a bit arbitrary to us. We are intrigued by Biotulin though — Kim Kardashian is said to have bought the US distribution rights, so there might be something in it.

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